Thinking For Yourself:
The Consumer Marketing Nightmare!

   Recognizing a lack of understanding reflects poorly on a person's self. Remember that marketing, beliefs, and perceptions offer to fill in the knowledge gaps existing in our world.

Harmonic Reasoning
Not Always Believing the Marketing


  1. Internet Enhanced Security System: Learn how to install and operate a home security system with remote control via iPhone or Android.
  2. Credit Crisis - A Simple Story See how our government's actions created the housing boom and credit crisis. Your government wants you to pay for their charity.
  3. Ethanol - The Moral Question: Find out why Coal, Fischer Tropsch and Diesel are the humane solution to our energy consumption. Create your own opinion about the Peak Oil Theory.
  4. Planet Calculator: The earth is moving away from the Sun. Understand the relationship between orbits, distances, and velocities. Examine how angular momentum can affect the effective gravity of a planet.
  5. Swimming Pool Basics: Learn how to open, maintain and winterize a swimming pool.
  6. The Rising Market Trick: Why do markets go up? The Federal Reserve was created to keep the banks afloat. The gold standard prevented inflation and disappeared in 1933.
  7. IP Camera Installation with UVerse Router: Example of Port Forwarding Setup for Smartphone Access.
  8. Wealth of Nations: If Adam Smith was right, why can't everyone be wealthy?
  9. Media Creates Tax Confusion: Why politicians and the media create a public misunderstanding of how tax rates correlate to taxes collected by a government?
  10. Traffic Camera Ticket POI Solution The TomTom One beats the Acura NAVI gps when it comes to avoiding Redlight Cameras and Stoplight Cameras. Easy directions for adding a traffic camera POIs to your navigation system.
  11. Porsche Boxster Radio Card Are you the owner of a Porsche Boxster with a lost radio activation code? Find out how to recover your radio code.
  12. Radar Basics: Enough to Avoid a Ticket: Do you know how to make the most of your Radar detector? Review some microwave transmission and radar detection basics. Examine how to configure a delta sigma a/d converter. Find out how to use that radar detector.
  13. Expanding Universe Red Shifts: Doppler is responsible for a photon's frequency shift?
  14. Distance Calculator: Determining how to identify longitude proved harder than determining latitude. Why? Find the distance between any two points on the globe.
  15. Rational Housing Prices: Should the rental market be used to determine a reasonable housing market?
  16. Germany's Wirtschaftswunder: Will the President of France pick the right course?
  17. God's War: How does war benefit nature or the aggressor?
  18. Sound Pressure Calculator: What sound level can damage ears? Know the right audio decibel terms. Power and clarity are not the same.
  19. Minimum Wage: Minimum thought seems to be the rule.
  20. Blind Mice: The public stampede.
  21. Earned Value Management (EVM) Calculator: A method for analyzing business progress.
  22. Darwin Rescued: A simple observation examines the virtues of intelligent design and Darwinism.
  23. Portable Applications: Software that runs on flash drives.
  24. Asus Eee PC: Wireless access setup help for students and travelers.
  25. Excess Profits: The problem with relying on the principles of others.
  26. HTML Web Site Authoring: Tips and tricks for adding features (such redirection, audio and more) to your web page.
  27. Java Applet Problems: Are you having problems getting java applets to run? A few simple steps can usually solve your browser's java problems.




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