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    Finding Porsche Boxster Radio Codes
    12 November 2009

    Removal of power from the Porsche Boxster radio disables the radio. The power lost may be the result of a dead battery or just disconnecting the battery for a repair. To re-enable the radio, a 4 or 5 digit radio code needs to be entered on the radio. The new Porsche Boxster or 911 comes with a radio code, but owners often lose these codes.

    The Porsche owner has three options for retrieving the code:

  • Contact the Porsche Dealer
  • Contact the radio manufacturer: Becker, or
  • Find/Decode the Radio Serial Number.

    Using the Porsche dealer or Becker to obtain the radio code may cost the owner time and money. The following decoder can help to quickly reactivate the Boxster or 911 radios (CR-210, CDR-210,and CDR-220). Finding the radio code requires the radio's eight character serial number. The decoder describes how to find the serial number using the radio interface. [The 'First Choice' should work almost every time, but if not, request help for additional codes]

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